Beautiful British Columbia

Well the mission is gradually coming to an end now and though I should post some pics of the amazing 3 weeks I had in BC Canada.

I would have to say that I have had the best 4 months of my life on this mission. Just paddling sick stuff all the time with a sick crew always keen to firer it up.

I would like to say a huge thanks to a few people who help me out along the way- Evan Garcia this trip wouldnt of been the same if ya didnt let me kick it with you thanks for putting up with my shit, you the man bro,also Fred Norquist and the Bomb Flow boys,Rush Sturgers-for hoking me up with a cheap boat last minute before we put on royal gorge and giving me some sweet hoke ups along the way. Also the Wells, Garcia's family for letting me crash out at there nice ass houses!!!Cheers I appreciate all of the support!!!!

Here's a bunch of mixed up pics from my 3 weeks in BC enjoy!!!

Myself on Pingston creek, dropping this rowdy sliding 50+footer,STOUT!!

EG dropping 20footer sutherland!!!

DJ dropping the 60footer Sutherland Falls!!

Myself dropping the 60!!!

Myself on Fosthall Creek,dropping a sliding 15footer

Myself Running twin falls Fosthall Creek,Evan summed it up well on a facebook update-(25 foot jimmy rigged rope ladder,seal launch into a pot hole,hard ferry,eddy catch, tight 90 degree turn 60-70 foot free fall).This thing was scarry as hell,one of the high lights of my trip for sure!!!

Dropping a nice 20footer Fosthall Creek!!

Tripple drop high water Rogers Creek!!
Skookum River 6ofter

Ashulu-box 50/50 falls
40fter on Tatlow Creek. Such an Epic Creek,one of my favourites for sure!!!!

Well only a few more weeks now and I will be back in NZ,catch all you homies soon!!!!

All pictures were taken by Mathias Eibre Fossum/Mr Norway cheers bro!!!