This Is Just The Beginning...

In less than two weeks Lucas will be attending preschool. It's crazy, I know! How did he get to be such a big boy? I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital, swaddled him and were protecting his head, but like it or not, here we are getting ready for his first day of school.

I am really excited for all the new things Lucas is going experience and learn, expert direction he is going to receive, friends he's going to make and fun he is going to have. I loved school and I hope he does to!

Child's Full Name


Parent's Names


I just read, filled in the blanks and signed more than a dozen pieces of paper with my son's new school's insignia prominently placed at the top of each page.

Physician's Name

Known Allergies

Diet Pattern 


While easy to answer these questions about my son, his habits and his health, each one made me a little sadder than the last. He's only two.

In Case of an Emergency Contact 

Nap Schedule 

Parent's Evaluation of Child's Personality 


So many signatures.

I feel like it's time, I agreed it was time, but now that we are just days away, I'm second guessing myself. Are we doing the right thing by sending Lucas to preschool?

Field Trip Permission Slip

Children's Disaster/Earthquake Kit

Permission to Photograph

Parent Handbook

For so long, it's been me and Lucas, Monday through Saturday, 8 - 10 hours a day. Day in and day out.

Just us.

I know I'm only giving him up nine hours a week, but it feels like so much more than that. This feels like it's just the beginning of him being pulled away from me...

...and I'm going to miss him.

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