Race Horse Falls

Well well well I thought I should put an update of myself and Evan's 2nd and 3rd decents of Race Horse Falls. So we left hood river Oregon and headed to Belingham washington, where we met up with Fred Norquiest and Rhys Logan local photographer dude who kills it with the camera!!!!!!!!!

We arivied at the stout after about an hour drive out of Belingham, we all had a good scout of this beast of a stout. It consisted of a nice 20ft entry drop into a 25ft slide and then a 60ft drop slide thing what was so so so stout. Evan and I decided to sack up and run this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myself having a good line on the first 20ft drop

Evan on the 20ft

Evan on the middle 25ft slide

Myself on the middle slide

A beast of a stout, this thing is a crazy ass drop. Eric Boomer First D'ed this stout back in 2009. Evan had a sick line, he got caught side ways about half way down but stay up right and road that shit out with EG steeze.

Myself giving her. This drop ain't an eassy one and has a tricky lead in where you have to duck under a cave thing at the lip. The key was to get as hard left as possable duck a under cut ledge thing then bomb straight off this crazy as drop slide stout of a thing, scary shit!!!!!!!!!

About to crash the hardest I have ever crashed. I needed to be about a foot more to the left such a fine line. I ened boucing/kick fliping over the rocks, hiting my head a little then landing almost upright in the pool. My paddle got blown out of my hands and half my deck poped of and I ened up swimming in the pool. I some how didnt hurt my self at all. So stoked that I was in one piece, so lucky

Fred,Evan,Myself and Sam ready for some beer drinking

Beer botty time. Well this would have to be one of the crazyest thing I have ever run, so stoked that i didnt hurt my self at all. Stay tunned for some Bomb Flow edits of this stout

All of theses amazing pictures were take by Rhys Logan one tellinted photographer check out his website Rhys Photography.