I'm A Celebrity Look-Alike

My friend, Morgan from The Little Hen House is the mastermind behind the latest blog-hop and since I played along with I was a Senior Hottie and Rockin' the Baby Bump, I thought why not?

Here is I'm a Celebrity Look-Alike... what do you think? See any resemblance? 

My father used to mail me photos ripped out of magazines of Sigourney Weaver with her jawline, cheekbones or smile circled with a note attached saying something like, I see it, do you? or There's definitely a resemblance, but you are much prettier. Aw...

I have one friend that has always told me that she thinks I look like Elizabeth Hurley

Don't laugh! I don't see it either, however, I do appreciate the compliment.

Another friend makes Blake Lively comparisons.

I wish!

And recently, someone put a link on my Facebook wall saying Kate Middleton was my doppelganger. 

Hmmm.... maybe? Maybe not. What do you think?

Do people tell you you look like someone famous? If so, link up here and join in on the fun, even if you think they're crazy! 

Speaking of crazy, this is my 600th post! 

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