Back To Life

The party was Saturday, but today is the *actual* day and we while we are celebrating at Disneyland, I've asked my sister to keep you company!

It's been a while since aunt Leah made an appearance on Letters For Lucas and it's nice to have her back with a sweet message of love.

Today is Lucas’ 2nd birthday and I couldn’t be more proud and happy to be his aunt. Never ever would I have thought that it would be possible to love him more now then I did the day he was born, but somehow I truly do. He warms my heart and makes me forget my worries every single time I see him and no one else has ever been able to do that.

On the day he was born, June 6th, just two short years ago, my very sad heart began to heal. Losing my parents literally shattered my world and broke my heart, but that moment that I first laid eyes on Lucas in the hospital, my heart instantly started to repair itself. This is really the best way for me to describe what it’s like having him in my life.

Lucas brought me back to life.

His birth was like a sign thrown at me, making me realize that life goes on and there are new people to love -- a new person to love that my parents would have loved this much right along with me. It showed me that I indeed have the capacity to unconditionally love someone again as much as I loved my parents.
I often wonder how I’ll possibly love my own children as much as I love Lucas.

Do I have enough love like this for a husband one day? Where does love come from? How can a heart possibly hold it? Does Lucas have any idea how much I love him and that when I’m sad, all I have to do is think of him and I suddenly feel better? Does Lucas understand love enough now to love me back?

I hope so.

Happy Birthday to my one and only Lucas. May this year be full of more adventures and more happiness then your heart can handle. You’ve already given me all that and more these past two years.


Aunt Leah

Without a doubt, Leah. Lucas knows how much you love him and loves you right back. Ten fold.

Leah has her own blog, LA 'n' LA and is now on Twitter too!

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