What Does Being A Mother Mean?

What does being a mother mean?

Sometimes it's...

...going weeks without shaving your legs.

...staying up half the night to nurse a little one's fever.

...exercising at 10 o'clock at night.

...showering at 11 o'clock at night.

...worrying about absolutely everything, yet somehow knowing that you're doing okay.

...making a batch of mac 'n' cheese because you know that's what your tot will eat.

...sitting through another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, The Backyardigans, Thomas & Friends and/or Cars.

...fighting off the guilt of wanting to spend a few moments alone.

...realizing that you're responsible for this keeping this little boy happy, healthy, safe and entertained.

...cleaning up mess after mess after mess all. day. long.

...tender kisses, hugs, cuddles and story time!

...getting hit in the face with a toy because your toddler is still learning to control his anger.

...listening to incessant whining, crying and carrying on because that same toddler isn't getting what they want.

...trying to stay present for every single moment you have with this incredible little person because you know in the blink of an eye he won't need you like he does today.

...looking through photos of your son, long after he's gone to bed and kind of wishing he'd wake up.

...teaching right from wrong, manners, morals and how to be a good person.

...spending a lot of time cross-legged on the floor playing with cars, puzzles, blocks and stuffed animals.

...giggling at the funny words and phrases that come out of not only your son's mouth ("mommy poos too?") but also your own ("please don't lick the floor").

...sacrificing who you once were and allowing yourself to become someone you were always meant to be.

...loving someone like you've never loved anyone.

What does being a mother mean?

I never thought motherhood was so many little things rolled into one big enormous wonderful role.

It's everything.

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