Wainui money shot

Well here are a few cool shots of the wainui agian what you can hopefully upsize!
Round 5, the rain hit hard this week and we got back on the wainui on tuesday stoked.It was quiet a bit lower than last week but still good.Here is a pic of myself droping of the 60,tossing the paddle early,I was bit scared of landed flat agian,so I tossed that shit early and tucked up, went a little over the bars,but was sweet !!
The money shot,with last weeks run,good water.Well I am stoked to be abel to get on this amazing run before I leave NZ.I finaly book my tickets for the states, I am departing NZ on 21st may for a 4 month stint of shit running around the states, cant wait its going to be sick!!!
Well stay posted for more updates. All photos taken by Greg Thomas