Top 10 Reasons I'd Rather Work Out At Home

10. Even though by virtue of the name alone, my gym is suppose to be open 24 hours a day, it turns out, it actually isn't. Who knew?

9. The clocks on the walls are usually wrong, which just pisses me off.

8. There is no soap in the soap dispensers in the women's locker room or at least never at the sink or shower I choose.

7. There is often a wait to use a machine and then once I get on one...

6. There is a 20 minute limit (when staff is trolling the floors).

5. The competition factor. The person on the machine next to me always seems to want to turn our workout into a race. I see you looking over at my incline level and raise yours.

4. Flying sweat. Bring a towel, people!

3. It's hot, sticky and stinky. Especially on a Tuesday at 1:05 PM.

2. Loud talkers. I've had to practically blow out my eardrums by turning my iPod up so loud just to drown out the conversations going on around me. It's not homecoming, it's a gym! Exchange numbers and call each other later.

And the #1 reason I'd rather work out at home than go to the gym...

It is swarming with too many beautifully toned, physically fit bodies. I mean, really? Why are you here?

Meet my home gym...

...I promise not to stray again anytime soon.

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