Self Help You'll Never Find In A Book

Two heads are better than one. - John Heywood

Every two weeks for several months now, I have been meeting with a small group of women that I have grown to respect, admire, come to rely on and find incredibly helpful in achieving my personal goals.

Ironically, we all have marketing backgrounds, but not one of us work a 40+ hour week desk job anymore. We are in various stages of career transition, trying to get our own businesses off the ground or are stay-at-home-moms (yours truly) with a hobby that has become a passion.

Our group is small and we may not have a catchy name, mascot or matching T-shirts...yet, but what we do have is invaluable.

We all possess obtainable entrepreneurial goals for ourselves and support one another by holding each other accountable for various action items that will help us reach these goals.

We encourage one another to keep our vision(s) in mind as we brainstorm, collaborate, share past experiences and current contacts.

It was through this group that I finally accepted that I am a writer and not just a "mommy blogger" and that I would like to find a freelance writing position.

Just three weeks ago, I started working with the owners of a local hair salon to help build their brand, Website and blog. This is the first of many clients, I hope!

Women rule and I am very thankful to be a part of this group.

Do you belong to a similar group or organization? If so, how has it helped you?

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