i can't believe that this boy is already THIS boy. 
only a year-and-a-half later. 
soooooo not wanting his picture taken. 
those are trading cards in his shirt pocket.
and there are stripe-y socks inside those big boy shoes. 
my lukey requests that we call him luc or lucas. 
and pours himself a bowl of cheerios (with a spoonful of sugar)
all before waking me in the morning.
and THAT boy down there graduated from pre-school on friday.
and i'm not even kidding.
we are walking the line of little boy wonder and big boy curiosity.
i want to keep his imagination wild.
keep the magic in rainbow tie-dyed head-to-toe suits.
and mittens on both hands in the middle of spring.
i don't want anyone to tell him otherwise.
not yet.