Project Smile - April

Don't count the days, make the days count. ~ Muhammad Ali

It was another month full of many many reasons to smile:

1st - A friend that goes (comes) the distance... literally. Thanks for a lovely play date, Sally.
2nd - Lucas slept in his big boy bed for the first time!
3rd - Family visitors. No, really!
4th - Disneyland fun and a toddler that was on his most excellent behavior.
5th - A relaxing visit to the nail salon with my sister-in-law and nieces.
6th - Lucas turns 22 months... where's the pause button?
7th - A visit with my dear friend, Suzy who I wish I saw more often.
8th - The sun was out just long enough for some outdoor play.
9th - Pizza. Funny how this favorite ends up on every one of my Project Smile lists!
10th - A nice long walk to clear my head and just breathe.
11th - Legoland - just the two of us.
12th - A couple of hours at the hair salon and a new opportunity!
13th- A sick baby means a day spent in pjs in front of the TV.
14th - Helping out a friend with her children while her husband is away on business.
15th - Mother/son lunch dates, a visit with the Easter Bunny #1 and a slew of new Spring clothes from Gymboree (for once I remembered to use my coupons!!).
16th - A long car ride with a quiet tot. Bliss!
17th - Meeting and riding Thomas the Train followed by an adults only lunch at The Ivy. Thanks, aunt Leah!
18th - Meeting Easter Bunny #2, decorating cookies, an egg hunt and a train ride.
19th - A super productive day that had nothing to do with laundry.
20th - A night out on the town.
21th - I got myself a job (of sorts)! More on this later...
22nd - Bounce house play date in our backyard, 90 minutes on the treadmill, girl's night out and trying out a new restaurant.
23rd - A toddler-free weekend... lunch with good friends and their babies, a movie in the theater and having the house to myself.
24th - Easter blessings and chocolate yumminess.
25th - Staying in touch with friends from high school and seeing our children play together.
26th - A guest post on Four Plus an Angel that I am very proud of. Thanks, again for having me, Jessica.
27th - Catching up with my husband over margaritas on a date night.
28th - Spending some time alone with my sister.
29th - Housekeepers. Love me the smell of Pine-sol and Windex.
30th -
A good old fashioned PB&J with a glass of milk. And no, this wasn't Lucas' lunch, it was mine!

What made you happy this month?

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