Just Right

At 22 months old, Lucas is very tall for his age: 33 inches, putting him in the 95th percentile. I'm 5'8" and his father 5'11". This kid is going to be tall.

In an effort to "see" the world from his vantage point, I've been observing how he uses his height:

33 inches is not quite tall enough to flip light switches on and off in our house, but at our friend's Suzy's house he can stand on tippy toes and do it over and over and over again.

33 inches is tall enough to open the doors in our house, and sometimes lock them too. Gulp!

33 inches is not tall enough to reach the flowers in the middle of the dining room table, but he can climb up on the dining room chairs and do it, so that's a win-win for him.

33 inches is tall enough to open the refrigerator, but he lacks the upper body strength. On the other hand, he is very good and helping to close slam the door.

33 inches is almost tall enough to get your head whacked on the corner's of our kitchen counter. 34 inches is going to be painful.33 inches is tall enough for your feet to reach the pedals on your tricycle, but being pushed by Mommy or Daddy is way more fun.

33 inches is not tall enough to play the video games at our favorite pizza place.

33 inches is tall enough to open the drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms and feel what's inside, but not quite tall enough be able to pull the contents out.

33 inches is tall enough to grab books, photos and decorative trinkets off the book case in our living room, but he has no interest, thank goodness.

33 inches is just right.... for now.

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