Witching Hours

Today you will find me over at Liz's place, a belle, a bean & a chicago dog revealing a particularly dreadful time period that perhaps you can identify with if you have a toddler, had a toddler or ever were a toddler... In our house this time period is know as Witching Hours!

Liz is my fairy blogmother and has advised me on several blogging quandaries with an ease and candor that I respect and admire. Recently we took our relationship to third base (if your don't know what that means, you have to read Liz's post, How Twitter is Like First Base) and had a phone conversation. She is as lovely on the phone as she is on her blog and in tweets. :)

I was thrilled when Liz asked me to guest post for her today, so what are you waiting for, come say hello!

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