Bloggy Boot Camp

Normally quiet, shy and reserved until you get to know me and more than happy to hide behind my laptop, I went out on a limb thinking no one else I knew would be attending (except Mommy of a Monster, who is now not able to attend after all) and bought a ticket for my first blogging conference.

I don't know what I was thinking... I'm not overly comfortable in large groups, especially when I don't know anyone, but
that was more than seven months ago. Now, I have so many friends via Twitter, Letters For Lucas and the mommy blogging community in general that are going to be at Bloggy Boot Camp tomorrow that I am peeing in my pants excited!!

Bloggy Boot Camp is a blogging conference hosted by the SITS (The Secret to Success is Support
) community. There are six events this year around the country and this one just happens to be in my back yard.

The event is limited to 125 attendees, so where I once was afraid, I am now looking forward to the intimate setting and because I still consider myself a relatively new blogger, I can't wait to network and learn what the pros recommend.

The speaker line-up sounds amazing too. I am particularly excited about seeing/hearing/meeting Mama Mary of The Mama Mary Show, whom I have had fun on Twitter with and Kathy, aka Mama Kat, the blogger behind Mama's Losin' It. Each week I participate in her nearly world famous, Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

I'm sure I'll walk away mind boggled and inspired.

Check back next week when I share highlights and be sure to let me know if you 're planning to be there too.

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