Time To Detox

My husband and I are doing something utterly insane this week. Well, okay, it's not that crazy, people do it all the time. In fact, little did I know, Todd has actually done it several times in the past and for a lot longer period of time.

What are we doing?

We are cleansing! For the next three days, we will eat and drink nothing but juice and water.

We are using a friend of a friend's product called Ritual Cleanse. We are doing the Seasonal Reset Cleanse; which consists of six fresh pressed pure vegetable, fruit and nut juices a day, one every two hours for three days.Before signing up, I tasted these juices and they are delicious! I've also heard nothing but great things about the outcome, so I am really excited (or as excited as one can be over starving themselves for 72 hours).

I digress...

People cleanse for many different reasons; it's a quick, easy, efficient way to flush the whole body and reset all its systems. For some it's all about the weight loss. For me, I'm not interested in losing any weight, although, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be thrilled to see a lower number on the scale after three days of not eating. Between moving and the holidays, there has been a lot of late night eating, take out, fast food and alcohol, so my personal goal is to detox my insides and jump start my body for a healthier way of eating.

I'm sure by the middle of Day 2, I'll have a raging headache and want to eat my arm off, but I'm trying to stay positive and I am very committed to doing this.

We start tomorrow and I will be tweeting about my experience follow me here: @letters4lucas and I'll post an update here next week. Stay tuned and wish us luck!

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