the bloggy truth:

hard day

wednesday. twelve-thirty-seven-in-the-afternoon.

what you see
-a frizzy straight out of the shower mess
-eyebrows: need plucked
-no makeup and reeeeeeeally tired eyes
-going on day 1,763 of no-good sleep
-my attempt at giving gavin a haircut myself

what you don’t see
-charlie spit up on my jeans
-lucas went to preschool this morning still in half of his pajamas
-dirty dishes and laundry piles and well, really… a tornado hit this place
-mcdonald’s i had andrey bring home for lunch
-the crazy lady tears i cried when he went back to work

what i see
-red nails making me feel pretty
-concern and love for gavin
-a sliver of sunshine sneaking through my curtains
-my wedding ring

what i’m going to do
-gather up three boys and climb back in bed

and that’s ok.