Project Smile - February

It's hard to believe it's March 1 already! Where is 2011 going?

Some days are definitely better than others, but I LOVE Alicia (A Beautiful Mess) for putting together this monthly meme so that I challenge myself to smile through my frustration, confusion and whatever other negativity I may be experiencing each and every single day.

Here's February:

1st - Nail appointment! I live for these...
2nd - Fun with aunt Leah on the Santa Monica Pier.
3rd - A walk with a friend.
4th - Play date at the beach and Lucas meets a new friend with lots of "choo choos". Learning to share is hard work.
5th - Date night!
6th - Recovery and Super Bowl commercials.
7th - A nice long dinner with my dear friend, Lindsey.
8th - Jerk chicken salad at ZTeja's.
9th - First day of Ritual Cleanse juice detox! Read all about my experience here.
10th - Made it through Day 1 and discovered my new favorite beverage, green tea.
11th - Bouncy house play date with Jackson and Cody and last day of cleanse!
12th - Nothing but blue skies, sunshine and real food.
13th - Family bike ride followed by massages at Pelican Hill. Read my Thoughts From The Massage Table.
14th - Valentine's Day and play date with Emma and Annie.
15th - First meeting with my new women's group... more on this in a later post.
16th - Date night!
17th - A weekend visit from Grandma.
18th - A dinner out that was maybe 35 minutes long. You just have to laugh.
19th - 80's Prom Birthday Party! See then and now photos here.
20th - Deli sandwiches.
21st - A walk along the beach with friends after music class.
22nd -
This was a rough week with the entire household coming down with a nasty cold. Lucas has been hit the worst. 23rd - Jammy day, pediatrician appointment and an unforgettable trip to the drug store.
24th - Babysitters, that are hopefully immune to the flu.
25th - One hour in Babies R Us and three baby gifts purchased. Nice to get out of the house.
26th - A visit to LA to see aunt Leah with no traffic coming or going. Shocking!!
27th - Finally starting to feel better and you know what that means? Back on the treadmill.
28th - Headaches that go away, fevers that break, humidifiers that help babies sleep and taking a chance!

Be sure to share your reasons to smile in February by visiting Alicia at A Beautiful Mess, or just stop by to check out her fancy new blog design and smile with some other lists.

See what had me grinning from ear to ear in January here.

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