20 Months

Unbelievably, Lucas is 20 months old today!

He is the light of my life and his personality just gets better and brighter each and every day. Lucas' retention blows my mind daily and his growing vocabulary is impressive to everyone he meets.

We ran into my friend, Kat at the grocery store the other evening and after chatting with her for a few minutes, I asked him to tell her goodbye and he said, "bye, bye meow meow". Priceless!

Lucas has learned to talk in full sentences, which is a lot of fun and always interesting to hear what comes out of his mouth. No more than two or three words, but sentences nonetheless; "Mommy's cup", "Mommy sit", "Mommy help", "more juice", "Elmo show", "go, go, Percy", "fast, fast, fast" and he's also on a "I see a...." kick.

He loves playing matching games, hide-and-seek with his bottle, running around our backyard, dancing and playing DJ with my iPhone and has stopped eating crayons, which is huge! This week, I'm going to introduce him to Play-Doh.

Lucas is trying to ditch his nap, which is stressing me out, but I'm going to try to get him to hold on to it a little while longer. Wish me luck.

His latest favorite thing to do by far is play choo choos. He has a starter train track set and 15 trains and at least three have to go with us every where. He is a Thomas the Train (and Friends) fanatic!

I love this child and all the smiles and giggles he provides on daily, sometime hourly basis. :)

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