Lucas has become completely obsessed with his bottle and asks for it all the time!

I hear "ba ba" so much it gives me a headache and usually it's before 9 AM.

It's become somewhat of a joke... he'll waltz up to me, put his hand my leg very affectionately and say "ba ba" and sway his body back and worth, to which I respond very enthusiastically, "no ba ba, how about a sippy instead?".

He rarely takes me up on this offer.

I know that the bottle and/or milk bring him a lot of comfort and I would rather he have a bottle than be sucking on a pacifier, but he is seriously addicted and I'm starting to worry.

Our pediatrician told us that he should ONLY have 24 oz. of milk a day, which we try to limit to first thing in the morning, just before he naps and at bedtime.

Most of the time this ration works pretty well, but it doesn't keep him from asking for his beloved beverage.

Our pediatrician also told us that he should be drinking solely from a sippy cup by the time he was 18 months.


Lucas knows how to drink from a sippy cup, but prefers the bottle.

He's never drank water or juice from a bottle and refuses to drink his favorite libation from a sippy cup. Bizarre, no?

At this rate, I feel like weening him off the bottle is going to take FOREVER! Any advice?

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