Simple Moments

Moving isn't easy.

It was not made for the faint of heart, the unorganized, the patient-less, meant to take on during the holidays or the parents of a toddler.

What were we thinking?

As I pack, he unpacks.

As I make piles, he reorganizes them.

As I build boxes, he climbs in them.
A few ago, our friends sent us a change of address notice and used a similar trio of photos of their daughter popping out of a box and I loved it so much that it is still on our refrigerator (well, it was until I packed it the other day). This was my attempt at duplicating that.

This holiday, try to enjoy the simple moments, the silly moments, the moments you know you'll never get back and each and every photo opportunity. I am!

This post is for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - Prompt #1: Simple

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