I Love It When...

I love it when Lucas is sitting on my lap for a story or next to me on the couch watching TV and his body goes limp and melts into mine. I love feeling him let his weight go. After a while, the rhythm of our breath is in time with each others.

He's a toddler on the go, so these are fleeting moments that don't last very long, but we are learning how to relax together.

I love when Lucas runs up to me with a big sparkling smile, arms open wide and gives me a hug. He is starting to be very affectionate, especially when he's done something naughty. It must be his way of apologizing?

He's a toddler but somehow already understands the power of touch and importance of affection.

I love overhearing Lucas try to sing along with me, the radio or television. He doesn't yet know the words to any songs, but he tries his best and often gets the inflection spot on.

He's a toddler and is already experimenting with his voice and musical abilities.

I love it when Lucas is playing with his "choo choos", cars or stuffed animals and makes sweet sounds, dances as goes along and creates pathways that not only go all over the house, but up and down my arms and legs too.

He's a toddler but is using his imagination to expand his world.

He's a toddler and he is growing up right before my eyes.

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