Head Over Heels

When just the mere mention of his name makes my heart melt and beat a little faster.

When that first recognition of my existence made me feel like I could do anything.

When he reaches for me, it's as though I'm the only person in the world.

When he smiles at me and it is so sweet and tender, it makes me want to cry.

It's a want it, need it, gotta have it feeling that I've never felt before.

It's that kind of love.

Sure, I've loved before; the comfort of my own bed, a perfectly worn in pair of jeans, a Dave Matthews song I've heard a thousand times before that will never lose it's impact on me, the scent of my grandmother's perfume that enveloped me every time I entered her house and my best friend, because she's everything I'm not and can make me laugh like no one else on earth.

But, I've never loved or been loved like this before.

So intensely.

So completely.

So unconditionally.

He is a part of me and no matter what, he always will be.

The love I have for my son's father is deep and passionate and it's because of the love we share that I have this precious child at all, but it's a different kind of love.

There is nothing like the love a mother has for her son.

This is my first attempt at The Red Dress Club's writing meme, Red Writing Hood. This weeks prompt is: Write a short first-person story about your first love, or write a short fiction piece about a character's first love.

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