Anticipating 10 Great Things

As I busy myself with unpacking, organizing and getting to know my new surroundings, my sister Leah is guest posting for me today.

It has been three months since your aunt Leah visited Letters For Lucas and after spending several days with us celebrating Thanksgiving and keeping you occupied while we geared up for the big move, she has a list to share of all the things she's looking forward to with you:

I just spent a few days with you and your parents over the Thanksgiving holiday so I got to see just how you are growing. You are starting to talk a lot more now and really develop your own cute little personality. It makes me wonder what you are going to be like when you are older and can really hold your own in a conversation. I am so excited to be apart of that life that you will create for yourself.

Here’s a list of 10 things that I’m especially excited for:

1. I look forward to hearing you say “I love you, aunt Leah” for the first time. : )

2. I’m a great listener so I look forward to you coming to me for relationship advice or any advice at all actually. I hope you want to talk to me about your first girlfriend!

3. On that note, I’m going to enjoy coming to you for advice too sometimes.

4. I can’t wait till you can spend an entire weekend alone with me in LA.

5. I’m excited for your many phone calls to tell me what you did that day.

6. I think we all are ready for the day when you can tell us what’s wrong, what hurts or what we are doing right.

7. I look forward to going to a bar and grabbing a beer together.

8. When you get your first e-mail account and e-mail me!

9. I am going to love introducing you to my favorite movies, books and music.

10. It will be so much fun when you take your mom and I out for dinner one day.

I look forward to all these things too. Watching my son with my sister and seeing their relationship grow and blossom is one of my very favorite things do.

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