A Year & A Half

Lucas is 18 months old today and is a constant source of amazement, joy, fulfillment, love and lately, complete and utter frustration. I believe that the Terrible Twos have begun early in our home.

I thought being a mom to a newborn was tough, but toddlers are way more complicated and exhausting!!

Lucas is starting to test his boundaries and the limits placed upon him and throwing temper tantrums over the littlest things are a daily occurrence. Sometimes hourly. For both him and me.

The incessant repetitive chatter has been the biggest change in the last month. He gets one thing stuck in his head and cannot and will not let it go. Hmmm... Sounds like someone else I know.

His progression is astounding from grunts and groans and lots of crying to making connections between things. He's a sponge, absorbing everything and in his expanding vocabulary repeats back to us what he's learning.

He knows where turns off are to parks, that checking the mail means we might see the neighbor's cat, where I hide his favorite snacks and when I sing a song we learned in music class, he'll say the teacher's name.

He lives to push elevator and crosswalk buttons, loves trains and Thomas the Tank and I must put this starter train track set together 19 times a day.

Lucas enjoys watching videos of himself and is proving to be smarter than my smart phone. It's incredible, he can navigate through different applications, finding the one he wants and operate it. I'm sure he has called Tokyo more than once. The iPhone really needs a lock button!

Lucas' latest accomplishment is learning how to climb on and off our bed; a fact I learned recently when I left him in our bedroom while I ran downstairs for something and came back to find him like this:Scary!

He loves playing with hats, not wearing them and is a master at peek-a-boo.

No matter how long some days seem, Lucas is my pride and joy and greatest blessing. I look forward to the next month of milestones, behavioral challenges and smiles.

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