I held my girlfriend's three day old baby boy today and it reminded me of when we first had Lucas. Way back before he could walk or talk or even smile. Way back when we were still in the hospital. Those were scary and exciting days.

I remember his teeny tiny fingers and toes and glazed over eyes not yet able to see in full focus.

I remember how he would contort his chicken-like body and feeling the soft downy hair that covered it.

I remember being terrified of the delicate soft spot on his head.

I remember him suckling and having a face full of expressions he didn't yet understand.

I remember his little bird squeaks and shutters as he tried to get comfortable in his strange new environment.

I remember trying to master the swaddle as well as breast feeding and taking turns walking and rocking and swaying and singing to him.

I remember just staring at him and thinking how amazing.

I have never loved anything more.

Congratulations, Colleen! RMG is beautiful.

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