We lose hair, weight, sleep, contact, keys, sunglasses, luggage, races, games, arguments, jobs, money, homes, our place in line, our way, our will power, our balance, our sanity, our minds, our cool, our nerve, our courage, our voice, our faith, ourselves, people we love and people that never will be.

Sometimes our losses are little and will soon be discovered exactly where we left them or they become life lessons to learn and grow from. They become a part of who we are.

Other times they are almost too great to bear and leave us asking why and endless other questions.

I would like to think that a really big devastating loss means that a really big wonderful win is just around the corner.

This Thanksgiving eve, with hope in my heart, I pray our wins always outweigh our losses.

We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. ~ Author Unknown

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