kindred spirit

the house was peaceful for a minute this afternoon.
peaceful minutes are hard to come by in these new days as a mother of three littles.

during my minute:
gavin was deep nap sleeping
pandora was singing straight to my heart
-belated promise ring (iron + wine)
-and then you (greg laswell)
-nobody knows me at all (the weepies)
-all the way (glen hansard)
a dear friend was baby laboring at home just down the street
the perfect little ray of sunshine was peeking through our skylight
the mailman dropped a big box from canada on my doorstep
i snapped a picture of “wild charlie” lying in the sliver of sunlight.
turned up the pretty tunes and carefully opened my happy mail.

i can easily count on one hand a small handful of people that i have met and instantly felt a tug at my heart strings.

joanna is one of them.