A New Zip Code

It's official, we're moving back to the OC!

For those of you that don't know, Orange County is one hour north (give or take) of where we live now. When Todd and I met, I had been living in the OC for eight years. It'll be good to be back.

Our San Diego home has been for sale for two weeks and we've had almost two dozen showings. We spent the weekend looking at neighborhoods and new houses and hoping, if all goes well, that we will be in a new zip code (Lord, help me!) before the first of the year.

On top of everything else I'm dealing with, a move could not be more ill-timed, but with Todd's recent endeavor being based in Newport Beach and his need to put in more hours and the fact that all of my close friends live in Orange County, it just makes more sense for us to be there instead of here. I love our current home, our neighborhood, and the friends we've made in the six years we've lived here, but change is good and I am very excited about this one.

As much as I am dreading it; purging, organizing and packing will be cleansing. It's amazing how much stuff one household can accumulate.

Bring on the packing tape, boxes, broken nails and late nights!!

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