You Know You're A Mom When-sDaze

You know you're a mom when...
  • As soon as you paint your finger nails, your child wakes up from a nap. Grrr...
  • If left to his own devices, your tot would sit in front of the television all. day. long.
  • You rejoiced the day your child tried a vegetable for the umpteenth time and not only liked it, asked for more!
  • Your kid has had a melt down at a restaurant, so you packaged up the entire meal to-go and downed a full glass of wine in one gulp quicker than you could say "check, please!"
  • No matter how high you put things in your home, your child finds a way to get them anyway.
  • You can't go anywhere and see older children without thinking, "we'll be there soon enough"... or younger children and think, "aw, I remember when...".
  • Based on the crankiness level of your child, you can tell when any given situation is going to go completely south and must be aborted immediately.
  • Your heart melts every time you see that sweet innocent smile even if the body it's attached to is up to no good.
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