So much to write about, so little time. 

We are in a time of transition right now in our family. Nate and I have returned to work full-time, Lucas starts preschool 1 week from tomorrow, and we move in less than 2 weeks. Little Lucas is not sleeping so well, and I wouldn't be surprised if it lasts a few weeks until we get settled into our new home. 

The other night he woke up and toddled to the door (which he can't open) and said in the most clear, pleading voice: "Mommy, open the door, please." He repeated it several times. How can you resist that? When I opened the door, he said "I want sleep Mommy's bed." We don't do that very often, but I decided to anyway. He was not happy just sleeping in between us though, he insisted that I have my arms wrapped tightly around him. It was super sweet, but I realize that it's not normal behavior for him. All of these changes are taking a bit of a toll on him, I believe. And we haven't even started next week yet, when he starts school, has CHOP appointments, sleeps at Oma's house and moves to a new house. It won't be pretty, but this too shall pass.

We've been working hard on PT goals this month, which include jumping and doing steps independenty. We've spent lots of time at the playground, and I signed him up for a gym class through the winter. He can finally step between our dining room and our family room without holding on. Yay! Check it out! He's pretty proud of himself.

He continues to make language and speech strides, and I just get so fascinated watching him acquire new language and grammar structures. Can you say linguistic geek? I'll save those updates for another post.

For now, wish us luck with our move. We will have more time to ourselves after we move, right? We can only hope.