The Sweetest Thing

Last week Ember of Remember Ember passed along the sweetest thing, the Cherry on Top award.

I love receiving blog awards because they remind me that the blogging community is vast, kind, supportive and full of talented writers, smart women (and men), parents and friends.

Thanks, Ember!! I appreciate the award and look forward to getting to know you better.

Rules for this award:
  • Thank the person who awarded this to you. Well, duh!
  • Copy and put the award on your blog. :)
  • List 3 things which you love about yourself:
1. I don't mind doing dishes... ever.
2. I will go the distance for a friend, literally and figuratively.
3. I always send thank you cards.
  • Post a picture that you love.
My niece took this picture last year while she, her sister and I jumped on their trampoline. I love that my head is cut off but you can still see a gigantic smile on my face.
  • Pass this on to a couple of the sweetest bloggers...because we like to share the love.
1. Blake at Cameron Crazy Mom - Her son Cameron is exactly one month younger than Lucas, her blog is adorable and she had some mad scrap booking skillz.

2. Jayme at The Random Blogette - Her honesty is refreshing and her love of Dave Matthews is shared.

Tracy at A Beautiful Mess
- She's awesome, we have the same sense of humor and she's in my 'hood.

Happy weekend, everyone!
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