Just want to give a shout out the dads who have been coming to baby yoga lately

It takes a real man to come to baby and me yoga and I've been pleased to see a few lately at both Mt.Pleasant and The Roundhouse. It's yoga, and dad's need yoga too. There have been a few regulars over the years but not too many. Just wanted to make a little post to tell you how cool you are dads. I love my momma's but I love my baby daddies too! Feel free. I know that you will always be few and far between at baby yoga but know that you are more than welcome anytime.
Over the years I have had parents who have occasionally traded off with their partners as well. That is A OK. As long as there is room everyone is welcome. I have had grandparents, nannies, friends and aunties at baby yoga, and yes you are all welcome in my classes. There is simply not enough out there for the lovely men in our lives baby program-wise in my opinion. My baby and me programs are just that. Baby & me. Not strictly mom & baby and they never were. Just wanted to throw it out there. Namaste xo