Groundhog Day

Some days I feel like I'm co-starring with Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. The questions, commands, statements and phrases that come out of my mouth are eerily similar to the day before and the day before that.

Why is he up so early?
You peed through your jammies again?
Hello, Monday! (day changes, of course)
The moon goes down when the sun comes up.
Are you hungry?
Why won't you eat your breakfast?
You can't have a piece of string cheese until you take four bites.
No bottles, we are trying the sippy cup today.
Please bring the sippy cup/shoes/hat/phone to Mommy.
Stay away from the oven, it's hot.
No, you can't play in the refrigerator.
I don't need your help right now, thank you.
You stink! Pee Eww.
Why are you so squirmy, I'm just trying to change your diaper. It'll take two minutes.
Say 'bye bye" to Daddy.
Time for
The Backyardigans!
What are you doing?
I'll play with you.
I have to wash these bottles, give me a minute.
I'll be right back, Mommy has to pee. Okay, okay, you can come with me.
I'll read to you, go pick out a book.
Someone's tired.
Where's your lovey?
We need to get out of this house!
Not in your mouth.
We need to share.
Let's call Daddy.
Look at this big mess. Can you help me clean up?
Sweet boy.
Someone needs a nap.
Let's try some water.
Be careful, baby.
Do you need help?
Are you climbing on that? Get down!!
Mommy would be so sad if you hurt yourself.
You're okay.
Thank you.
Good job.
Let's call aunt Leah.
Use your words.
Where are you going?
Do you want a snack?
Not the stairs.
It's a diaper change, stop moving!!
That's not for eating.
Aren't you tired?
You are too close to the TV, back up please.
Stop whining.
Why are you whining?
Time for a change of scenery.
Let's go look for the kitty.
Daddy's home!
Please stop throwing food on the floor.
Okay, we're done!
Bath time.
Let's brush your teeth.
You can do it.
Sleepy time.
Let's go find the moon.
One more book and that's it!
Good night, Monday (days change, of course). Thanks for being a great day.
I love you.

I guess when it comes to parenthood, the adage
the days are long (and repetitive), but the years are short is true.

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