and… he’s off!

preschool big boy 010preschool big boy 036
it was a big week for us over here.
my biggest boy – mr. lucas jude himself started preschool.

his first year.
the big kid three-hours-a-day/three-days-a-week kind.
he was excited.
i was nervous.

i got up early and made boy a mickey mouse pancake.
he had no idea i was capable of such things.

we brushed teeth, combed hair, pinned buttons on his new backpack, tied new school shoe laces and sent text pictures to grammy.

oh – and had a talk about keeping his ninja turtle fighting skills in check while out in the real world.

i walked him into ms. kristen’s classroom fully expecting/hoping that he’d ask me to stick around.
instead he hung up his pack on the hook marked L-U-C-A-S and said, “bye mom!”

oh. <<lump in throat>>
preschool big boy 011
run lucas run.
an invisible kite string connects me to you.  
this is only the beginning, isn’t it…