All's Fair In Love And Advertising

After running into three co-workers last week from three different jobs I have had, I couldn't help but wonder if Corporate America was trying to tell me something. It also made me think about what I used to do before I played with blocks and organized play dates.

For as long as I can remember I have loved everything that about advertising, marketing and promotion.

I love the science behind branding, audience development, public relations, event planning, direct marketing, product placement and all that goes into selling a product or service. There is nothing random when it comes to marketing and to me, that's the beauty of it. Good advertising is very calculated and well thought out. It's clever and sneaky and stays with you and if it's really good, wills you to pull out your wallet.

I am a pop culture junkie and growing up, I memorized jingles and slogans and covered the walls of my bedroom with advertisements I liked that I'd tear out of magazines. Some of my all time favorite campaigns are for Absolut Vodka, Coca Cola, Nike, Got Milk? Gap and Target.

I still subscribe to too many magazines and in some cases (don't tell my husband) it is solely for the advertisements.

I was lucky enough to work in marketing for almost 12 years. I have been on the client side and worked on the fast-paced agency. For the record, the client side is WAY better. It's nice to call the shots.

I have developed marketing campaigns to sell everything from cell phone plans and cable service to books about birds and webinars on outsourcing. I miss it a lot... working 50+ hours a week and tapping into that side of my brain and I'm not going to lie, there have been many days since becoming a mother that I have wished I was sitting in a three hour meeting discussing the launch of a new product instead of changing a diaper or chasing after a toddler.

Maybe I'll go back... someday.

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