Sad Reminders

I suppose I'm just torturing myself, but the - I'm not pregnant anymore - reminders are all around me:
  • My desk calender tells me that I should be 14 weeks pregnant today. Yep, I counted off the number of weeks pregnant I should be in PEN all the way up to what would be my due date! What was I thinking?
  • The What to Expect When You're Expecting book is sitting on my nightstand. I see it every day but have yet to remove it.
  • My sister and I sat at the mall having lunch the other day and counted 12 unmistakeably pregnant women walk by us in less than an hour. I wish I was kidding! I couldn't help but wonder: is everyone pregnant?
  • My three best friends are expecting their seconds and while I'm truly overjoyed for them, I'm also human and it hurts knowing that I'm not going through this with them.
  • The pregnancy test with the + sign is still in my bathroom drawer taunting me.
I think it's time to do little housecleaning and a lot more son hugging. And by housecleaning, I'm don't mean get rid of my friends. :)

The best is yet to be.