I Don't Like Coffee

I don't like coffee.

There, I've said it.

Sacrilegious in some circles, I realize, especially those of the mom-kind.

(crickets chirp)

How many readers have I lost?

Well, if you're still with me and I sincerely hope you are, I know I'm in the minority on this. People LIVE for coffee it seems and can't even function without a cup of joe first thing in the morning. I've known people that drink it all day long. Blech!

I have tried coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos several times throughout my life, but just never acquired a taste for it. I don't like coffee anything... ice cream, chocolate covered coffee beans, etc. My parents didn't drink coffee either, so maybe not growing up with it has something to do with it.

I do enjoy the smell of coffee and I like it being a part of my morning. My husband ADORES coffee and we have the mugs, coffee grinder, filters, coffee maker, bags of roasted decaf, I don't know what in our freezer and an enormous espresso maker on our kitchen counter to prove it.

SO, what gets me going in the morning you ask? A crisp, delicious,
effervescent diet Coke. Just describing it makes me smile from ear to ear.

Diet Coke is my "go juice". I typically two a day, but one is all it takes to make my world right.

The best is yet to be.

This post was written for the word game, Word Up, Yo! hosted by the self proclaimed Nerd Mafia: Natalie (Mommy of a Monster), Kristin (Taming Insanity) and Liz (a belle, a bean and a chicago dog).

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