themama32 weeksthe mama. 32 weeks + growing/glowing.

i just figured it out. why i’ve put the baby prep on hold for so long. why babe-to-be only has a small drawer full of treasures. why some days i even sort of forget i’m growing boy inside this tired body.
because gavin west is still my baby.
i sat down here to write him a little letter but i think i’ll keep my mama words between the two of us and write them on a sheet of paper instead.
he took a late nap today. which meant that tonight (after a super-classic day of grouchy-gavin antics) he was wide awake at 10:30pm. we found a comfy spot on the couch and he crawled up on top of the big-o belly and twirled my hair.
this is rare.
he wanted nothing more than a moment with me. a quiet moment of just-us. he slurped his paci and i could see his one dimple peeking out from behind it.
he was happy.
gavin is mini.
he is still my babe.