14 Months

Unbelievably another month of milestones is behind us.

At 14 months, you:
  • Can 'ask' to go to bed, for food and a bottle.
  • Had your first Subway kids meal! You are no stranger to Subway, but this was very exciting for me, seeing as I eat there 2-3 times a week. No more sharing turkey and cheese.
  • Know what sound kitties, dogs, cows, snakes, monkeys and sheep make and your dad and I ask you all the time because it's adorable and hilarious.
  • Know where your head, belly, toes, nose, teeth and ears are. We ask you about these a lot too.
  • Recognize pictures of "mama", "dada" and aunt Leah, whom you call "Eah"
  • Still enjoy Kindermusik class and swimming lessons and we have signed up for another round of each.
  • Got your first haircut and it instantly turned you into *sigh* a little boy.
  • Have molars starting to come in and you are taking it all in stride. Thankfully, teething has never kept you awake at night or been a big issue for you at all.
  • Caught your second cold from me this week. Sorry. We have both been a mess.
  • Can get on and off the couch which scares the bejesus out of me!
  • Can walk up stairs...with reluctant assistance.
  • Took a tumble down 5 stairs this week (of course, the week Daddy is away), which scared a whole lot more than the bejesus out of me.
You are a busy little bee and into absolutely EVERYTHING. I can't turn my back for a minute without you grabbing for my cup of water, items out of the refrigerator, or heading right towards the toilet. It's exhausting and wonderful watching you play and discover and become your own person. You are caring and funny and delightful. Keep on keeping on.

The best is yet to be.