You Know You're A Mom When-sDaze

You Know You're a Mom When...
  • You have snacks in the form of Puffs, yogurt bites, Cheerios and teething biscuits in your car, purse, diaper bag, strollers and for some strange reason bedside table.
  • There's no taking time off for sickness or sadness, motherhood is a full time job (but admittedly, the benefits are pretty great too).
  • You swear you are going to gather up and donate every last little toy in your house if you stub your toe on one of them one. more. time.
  • You know you have lost several socks, bottle caps, toys and burp cloths from the stroller without even realizing it.
  • As much as you love reading to your child, you don't how many more times you can look for Spot, flip through every color of the rainbow or find out how many monkeys end up jumping off the bed.
  • You see parents in a whole new light and have a lot more respect, admiration and love for them...especially your own.
Thank you, Arizona Mama at Our Daze in the Desert for this terrific meme. If you feel like nodding along to lists by other moms just like you, check it out!

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