Today was a happy day for Lucas's daddy... he got to watch Spain win its first WC title. We hung out in the 3rd floor lounge with some of the other families to watch the game. We were really excited to meet families from England, Ireland & Canada, as well as from all over the US! Tomorrow we will meet everyone!

We attended the John Tracy Clinic summer session orientation today, to meet his teachers, other classmates and familiarize ourselves with the school. We met Lucas's teacher for the next 3 weeks, Ms. B. We also met his speech and language teacher, Ms. M. There are 4 boys and 2 girls in his little class, along with a teacher, 2 aides and a volunteer. That ratio is pretty amazing, I must say. Lucas got to finally meet Nolan too, yay! They're in the same class.

We got a detailed schedule, a list of items to bring with us tomorrow (including a lunch), and some general information about what to expect. We are a little worried about separation from us tomorrow, and nap time from 12:30-2:00, but we're hoping for the best. He seemed pretty comfortable today, and enjoyed playing both outside and inside with the other children. We'll see how it goes!

After orientation we headed down to Redondo Beach to meet up with my friend. We were hoping to go to the beach for a bit, but it was really cool, so instead we got our fill of yummy Mexican food. We just can't get enough, really. Lunch and dinner today were Mexican. It's a good thing that Lucas loves his "rice and beans." He will certainly be eating a lot of it over the next 3 weeks!

4 times, by the way. Lucas was up 4 times last night. The last time before the actual morning came around, we heard him at the main door to our apartment, calling my name. It was as if he thought we had left him here. I showed him where we were sleeping, and he went back to sleep in his bed. At 7:30 he toddled into our room, gave me his blanket, then toddled off. A minute later, he came back with his green monkey and crawled happily into bed with me. It was so sweet.

So far, so good tonight. I laid with him in bed until he fell asleep, because I feared he would be out of his bed in 30 seconds looking for me anyway. He was out pretty quick.

Tomorrow should be a very exciting day! Bis dann!