Just The Two Of Us

I am lucky to have the very best partner on the planet because I honestly could NOT do this parenting thing on my own and I have so much respect for mommy's that do.

My husband and I make a great tag team because he knows how crucial my "me time", friend time, sleep and need to have a couple of moments to regroup (AKA blog about my day) are to me and how important my getting those things makes me a better mother. I can only hope I do the same for him.

Having said all that...

I have a confession to make:
sometimes it is just way easier to do it on my own. Not that my husband and I have different parenting styles; he is MORE than capable, a wonderful father and I have no qualms about their time together or the way in which he does things with our son, BUT Lucas and I have a thing going, a routine and everything just seems to work a little better/easier/smoother when it is just us.

I attribute this to being Lucas' primary care giver, the one that spends the most time with him and the fact that oh, I don't know, I'm the mom. Seriously, why is it that only Mommy will do in certain situations or on days that end in the letter 'y'? I still marvel at the fact that I could mean so much to one little person. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while at the same time, bugs the living shit out me!

Apart from the joy and frustration of being the most important person in my young son's life, I swear he does behave
slightly better when it's just he and I, I think the tag teaming thing irks him.

Sorry, little buddy, your dad is here to stay. Here's to my partner!

The best is yet to be.