You Win

We've had some trying times lately, you and particular Wednesday and today. It seems as though you're on an every other day schedule; a good day followed by a bad day. A battle of wills, if you will.

Your witching hours are between 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM. These two hours make me literally and figuratively pull my hair out and stuff you down a drain pipe.

Even at nine and a half months old, you have a mind of your own and at almost 38, you better believe that I do too! More often than not, however, you win. Hands down, you win way more than I do.

I try to do what's best for you when it comes to... EVERYTHING; from naps, feeding, play and bath time, changing, packaging you up in the car for an outing to a host of a zillion other activities, but if you and I aren't on the same wave length, this mommy better watch out! She is going to lose 9.5 times out of 10.

You win so many rounds that I have stopped keeping score. I think it's something like 9956 to 21, which doesn't change the fact that I do know what's best for you. Whether you think so or not.

Now that you are mobile and a lot more independent and patience can't be bought, a lot more wine is going to need to be purchased.

Today, we hosted our first Mommy & Me play group and it was a lot of fun. Afterward, you were exhausted and fell asleep for exactly 28 minutes. When you woke up, you were very irritable and nothing would make you happy, so at wits end I put you in the car and drove you around for over an hour in Friday going home traffic while you slept and I got some much needed peace and quiet. I'd say I won that round, would you? Hmmmm...maybe not, I did mention the peace and quiet, didn't I?

Alas, there are moments that make it all worth while, like this, when we are one. Calm, quiet, connected and in sych. I live for these moments.

The best is yet to be.

Day 31/100