The High Five

From time to time, I'd like to share my High Five, a list of five products that I am loving right now and why.

DISCLAIMER: The High Five will sort of be a random list, but will contain five things that make my life as a mom a little easier, funner, brighter and happier. The High Five may or may not be baby related. Enjoy!

1. Yogurt Covered Pretzels
I felt like I had been living under a rock until I tried my first yogurt covered pretzel. In a word: delicious! I will never forget my first one; Fourth of July weekend just weeks after you were born. OMG! Greatest combination of sweet and salty ever.

2. Flip Video Camcorder
The easiest thing in the world to use and a perfect way to share special, funny and cute Lucas moments with family and friends near and far. I haven't even begun to use this device to it's fullest potential.

3. Cetaphil
According to the Web site: The #1 dermatologist and pediatrician recommended brand of skin cleansers and moisturizers specially formulated to provide effective, gentle skin care to help your skin look and feel its best.

All true and super inexpensive to boot!

I am forever on the quest to find face products that are light weight, nondrying, chocked with SPF and don't smell like perfume. Cetaphil is it! In the two months that I have been using the facial cleanser, moisturizer with 50 SPF (the highest SPF of any facial moisturizer!!) and night cream, I noticed a change in my skin tone and texture. L-O-V-E these products!!

4. Sugar Free Red Bull
This fantastic pick-me-up has actually been banned in some countries because of health risks, including heart attack or stroke according to Australian medical researchers, but on nights when I want/need to stay up past 9:00, it is a must.

5. Fisher Price's Laugh & Learn Learning Home
I have learned that nothing brings you more delight than sitting in vintage cars, being on the swings at the park, crawling and this fun toy in the waiting room at Cranial Technologies.

Your Mommy & Me friend, Brenna has one too and you spent almost the entire two hours we were at her house recently playing with it. I'm thinking we might have to get you your very own...

The best is yet to be.

Day 35/100