Tree Trunk Gorge

Me on the big 1 (Photo -Tim Pickering)

Yesterday, Willz, Tim Pickering, Martic a slalom dude and I decided to head down to Tree Trunk Gorge for a little bit of a huck fest. We rocked up there and the flow was nice and it was all good to go. Tim and Willz decided they would fire it up first and both portaged the shitty entrance rapid which isn't nice at all. Tim dropped in first off the big 1, he had a sick line over the waterfall and Willz had a sweet line too. After the first drop, there is a super clean 20-footer, both the boys aired a big boof of it and stomped it. They were both super stoked on how the run went. I was now up next and super keen to run the drops, Martic wasn't keen to run the Gorge so Willz decided he would run it again with me , so I wouldn't be alone in there (good dude!). We both portaged the entrance rapid. I decided that I was going to drop in first. I was a little nervous. I gave Tim the hand signal and then made my way to the lip. It felt like I was in the right place and on line I then hit the connector with a bit of an angle and bounced off it and landed in the pool up side down, rolled up straight away and all was good. I was still super stoked on it. Willz was up next, he styled the falls again. We both had sweet lines of the last drop - such an amazing boof! We were all stoked on how the run went, a mint days boating. Thanks to Tim and Martic for the sweet photos, shot boys!