I Heart Diet Coke

In 1983, just one year after being introduced, Diet Coke became the best selling low-calorie soft drink in America, a position it has never relinquished. By 1986, Diet Coke -- or Coca-Cola Light, as it is known abroad -- was the most popular low-calorie beverage in the world, served in 61 countries.

Diet Coke is crisp, refreshing, effervescent and light. It provides just enough caffeine to get me going in the morning and I can't go a day without having at least one. I love it!

I know that diet sodas aren't great for you and if you drink too much of it without a straw, it can begin to turn your teeth yellow. Aspartame, which is used to sweeten it, is really not good for you either, but, one a day isn't too terrible, is it?

And now, drinking my favorite beverage has never been so fashionable...

As part of Diet Coke's annual partnership with The Heart Truth campaign, the company has just introduced limited-edition "heart graphic" cans, which feature a large, adorable big red heart.

The goal of the new design is to increase awareness about heart disease; the number one killer of women in America. It also is intended to inspire people to incorporate healthy activities into their lives and encourage others to do the same.

There's nothing like the present to start a new, healthier heart routine! Find out how you can participate with heart-loving facts.

The best is yet to be.