Aratiatia Rapids

On Saturday, 30th January, Sam Sutton, Willz, Max and I decided to head to Aratiatia Rapids to catch the 10 am flow down. We arrived there with a little bit of time to spare Willz decided that he would run safety at the weir with Matt Burton as they had both ran the rapids at the start of the week. Max, Sam and I put in and waited for the water to rise to full flow. Sam as usual dropped in first at around 10 past, I was up next I got the hand signal, all good to go I was a bit nervous but as soon as I dropped in the nerves went away. The entrance rapid went well I ran it on the hard left, I had sweet lines. I managed to line the weir up okay I stalled out a bit but it was sweet, I was stoked. Sam had a little play session in the weir and managed to paddle out. Max was up last it looked like he had a sweet line off the weir but it looped him back into the guts and he ended up swimming, he took a bit of a beating but managed to grab the rope that Matt threw him it was super scary watching him getting smashed. Max's kayak went down stream so he couldn't carry on. The Middle drop was up next Sam and I had sweet lines, plugged it hard and came out sweet.I was super stoked to get down the rapids and style them. A sick days kayaking. Thanks Matt and Willz for running safety for us, shot boys!

Here are a few pics from the run

Maxi before a NDE Near Death Experience
Sam before a little freestyle session in the weir NO BIG DEAL!