three years old rocks my world

luc art love 2010lukey art – january 2010

i have a clear memory in my mind of making art as a wee girl. i’d been busy intensely drawing. a square box with rows and rows of  square “bricks” on each side to be exact. i remember my mom squealing with delight at what my little hands had drawn. she’d even loved it enough to show it off to my dad, “look! lindsay drew our house!”
and then sliding the drawing into the front of one of her work binders for safe keeping – to be displayed! i loved this.
i also remember attempting the re-draw the same square house of bricks whenever i had my hands on a drawing tool of any kind. just hoping for the same reaction.
while visiting with miss presley {luc’s twin-cousin} on my last trip home – she proceeded to draw me a full on wild thing. complete with sharp claws and gnarly teeth! i was amazed at her left handed creation and couldn’t help but wonder how much longer i’d have to wait for luc’s creative brain waves to reach his little boy hands. i thought of  how i’ve pretty much been shoving all kinds of art making tools in his face - just waiting for the long long leggie drawings, well… since he was born.
and yesterday - they just appeared.
little sticky notes stuck all over our house.
big round faces.
dots for eyes.
long long legs attached to tiny scribbled shoes.
some smiles.
some frowns.
and a chubby baby one.
i am in love with three years old.
i am convinced he needs oils. and canvas.