i’ve got myself a little sunbeam


sunBEAM 031this is my sunday boy.
very classic lucas j.
as we {andrey + i} contemplate the idea of more someday babies
and whether or not this family of ours will be growing sooner or later
{as if that’s even up to us, anyways}
i am brought back to this boy.
he will be the oldest - the biggest brother.
i am learning to mother by him.
i am treading water with him some/most days.
i am grateful for him.
that he is patient with me some/most days.
that we are figuring it out.
i need to remember that he’s never done this before either.
tonight just as the speakers turned to a new loud jammin’ beat {wyclef’s yele medley for haiti}
he caught my eye from the other room and we met in the middle of the floor. fast.
we got lost in the rhythm – dancing and laughing and missing our far-away loveys.
we’re old soul friends.
lukey and me.