in retrospect

a day on not a day off 028  
i love looking back. seeing things for what they are now and then seeing where i was at then in comparison.
last year at the MLK bell ringing ceremony -  i was big baby bellied. we were full to the brim with  obama hope.
this year i was a little late. little brother tied up in the mei tai. we didn’t get there in time for a bell.
but we did make it for “the laaaaaand of the freeeeee and the home of the braaaave!”
big brother was a little too wiggly and giggly to sit through the whole ceremony -
but we did get a close up glimpse of those rockin’ drums.
we snuck out early with cousins and friends in tow. out to the art tables and we celebrated that way.
with color-full paper doll crowns and lemonade.
back at home we parked in the sun shining on our driveway.
luc crawled up to the front seat and we had a makeshift picnic lunch in our car.
we talked of then. of martin luther king jr. 
we talked of now.
then he jumped out the car door and ran around in the grass – happy as can be.
perfectly fitting for a day of sunshine and celebrating.